Joy, fear, and other emotional baggage.

I have a sneaky suspicion I'm in store for some bad news, but first, the good news! Recently I found out several pieces, some of which have amassed quite a stack of rejection letters, were accepted for publication soon! Whatdya know? Patience pays, kids!

So if there was ever a roll, I'm on it! Try as I might to assuage my paranoia, I think things are about to hit the fan. Too many good things have been happening. Naturally, things must take a turn for the worse...right? Life is a cycle, after all. Highs and lows and all that.

Ah well, F it. What will happen, will happen.

Blasted out two new pieces last night. A dialogue only piece "Slaughterhouse Surprise," which may have a change of name soon. Not completely happy with the title, but it'll do for now. Also might have to tweak the length, it's in the upwards of over 1,000. Need to make sure each word has a purpose. No fluff.

Second piece is good, as far as content goes, but again, not happy with its title, "No Clownery." Bleh. Sounds crappy, but the story is good. We'll see.

Today the fine folks at The Drabble published my piece Something is Missing. It was emotional. The story, although fiction, was written after my dad's death. Somewhere high up above me, I think seeing that story get published brought a tearful smile to his face, as it did mine.

Miss you more than words can say, Papa.