Life Planning

Well, I'm back on the diet protocol. The strict one. The only one that worked. The one that allowed me to abandon 60 pounds without remorse or pity the last time. Then we moved. Across the country. Right next to a fucking Dunkin Donuts. Those 60 came back around wanting to play Hide N Seek and I lost; I couldn't hide from them anymore.

So, now I'm back on it and doing well though it's only been day two. This is the hard part. The first week of the diet, only this time, it's not a diet. It's a lifestyle and nutritional revolution, and not the Bernie Sanders' kind of revolution.  I just need to get through this first week. Then ketosis will be established and all will be right with the world. That will be four days from now.

Right now, this in-between phase, this is limbo. It sucks. Today I drooled at a pasta advertisement. Like actually, drooled. Saliva drip and all. The only silver lining is that while in limbo, my creative juices are working in overdrive. It must be hungry too. At least I can feed this! A new painting is in the works, along with 2 new fiction shorts. Plenty for grazing.

At present, I'm irritable and cranky, but surprisingly, not hungry. Just had an organic broccoli and chicken stir-fry for dinner. It almost made me forget the guy delivering pizza next door. Then, feeling either the rush of healthy nutrients flooding my system or feeling the lack of sugary processed foods clogging up my system, I decided to plan my meals for the entire week. A corner of the fridge now holds a week's worth of meticulously planned and organized (in cute Tupperware and all!) lunch and dinner.

If only life was as easy to plan as meals. If only intellectual pursuits could be weighed, equally portioned, and stored in air-tight containers like stir-fry vegetables when not in use. What if love could be cleaned, seasoned, and marinated like chicken. If only spiritual consciousness and acceptance could be sprinkled like delicious aromatic spices. What if health and economy remained steadfastly strong and robust as the celery stalks I gnaw on now instead of potato chips.

Nah, maybe not a good idea after all. What would happen if I woke up in the middle of the night for a snack and grabbed a handful of spiritual consciousness instead of love?