Daily Blessings

     “Please Madam, we have no food. Give us some blessings, please Madam,” the young homeless girl begged as I was walked up the steps of the ancient stone temple.

       “Pay them no mind. Once you give them something, they’ll never leave you alone,” advised the guide. “They have been known to follow tourists back to hotels and harass them.”

     I looked back.
     The girl continued begging.
     Tourists continued ignoring.

        Inside, the priest clothed only in a long cotton swath wrapped around his waist, planted a small basket of fruit in my awaiting hands, “Accept these fruits as blessings for your visit today.” My mouth salivated at the thought of biting into sweet deliciousness.

          On my way back down the steps, the girl approached once more, making a last attempt, “Please Madam. I have nothing to eat. Just give me something small, no?”

           I took the basket of fruit I had been given and placed it in her hands. The girl flung the basket behind her, the ripe fruits smashing against the stone wall.

           “I want money. Fruits I can get daily.”


Daily Blessings made its debut in Boston Literary Magazine, Fall 2015.