Back home from a semi-restful, semi-stressful, vacation week. Began the arduous process of un-packing, way more droll than packing. Each garment hung, each item placed in it's proper home is a reminder: the break is over, get your ass back to work.

So how do I do that? Lists. My (in)famous lists.

The lists I made today:

  • Grocery/House Supplies
  • Bills/Paperwork deadlines
  • Events to add to our family calendar
  • Stories to revise
  • Markets accepting submissions
  • One sentence story starters
  • This one

Over the vacation break, I got some useful advice from a great writer I'm lucky enough to call a friend. He unabashedly took the time to answer personal questions about his method of craft. Amazing. Who does that? Everyone's either too busy or the answers are too personal. Great guy. Sharp writer. I want to be him when I grow up. In the meantime, though, need to implement the ideas that his advice generated. Real effective ideas for my writing.

Hmm...oh, what's that I smell? Another list in the making?