Back...but barely ready, Y'all.

Family and I freshly returned from yet another vacation that wasn't a vacation. Although we did spend some time visiting family and friends, somehow it always seems like more work than relaxation. Emotional upheavals, illnesses from different climates, long, arduous travel on the return leg, etc.

No surprise then how happy we felt to see the creature comforts of home and revel in the fact that our home was not only sweet but was sorely missed.  This is what I'd been looking forward to as I was flying above the Atlantic and the passenger sitting in front of me decided to recline her seat all the way back to my face....for the entire duration of the flight. Squished and nauseated, I dreamed of stretching out on my comfy bed, lounging in sweats, and catching up on a month's worth of trash TV.

Now, sadly, even that mini-vacation has ended. Alas, life goes on.

Grateful for a recent publication of a flash piece, the print copies of which were awaiting my smile when we returned home. 4 more confirmed publications to look forward to as 2017 rolls in. 2 short stories in anthologies and 2 in a lit mag out of Austin.

Welcome home, Renuka.
Welcome home, 2017.